Thursday, November 15, 2012

And my blog suffers agian...

I really have a problem with writing in a blog, which goes to show you how great I am at writing in a journal. Every entry in all of my journals begins with a sentence similar to this..."Wow I can't believe it's been a year since I have written, so much has happened".... The sad thing is that if I combined all my journals I'm sure I wouldn't even fill one entirely. I guess when I start up the habit each time I decide to start fresh in hopes that maybe this time it will stick.. Which is exactly what I did with this blog, but also because I couldn't remember my passwords and crap for the old one... So it's not been a year, but still many things have happened since my last post...
1. We switch Rhett to a toddler bed in preparation for the new baby, which means bed times just haven't been the same since, sadly enough, however the last few days have been better.
2. We found out that Rhett is having a little sister in March. Sawyer LaJean Deuel will be born on March 4, 2013. (c-sections can be good for something, especially if you are a planner like me)
3. Rhett was the cutest elephant in the world for Halloween and loved every single minute of trick or treating. He had it figured out pretty quickly.
4. Due to our huge snow storm, the Christmas spirit came early to our house and put up our tree and decorations:) Rhett freaked out and enjoyed every minute of decorating the tree. It was so much fun.

We've made it through the barfing sickness, a few colds, and even some two year old molars. We managed to survive hunting season and now have our dad back. We got a new kitchen table, which I absolutely love! It's bigger but doesn't take up my entire kitchen. It's black and counter height and totally matches my cupboards, and best of all the chairs have backs so Rhett can eat at the table with us, which he loves to do:)

Rhett's vocabulary is growing slowly but surely. He loves to play with "roars" (dinosaurs, lions, bears, basically anything that roars) His newest thing is to say "okay here goes" before he takes off running, throws something, or dives onto the couch. He is so funny and I love him to pieces:)

In a nut shell this is what our life has been the past few months. The next few are going to be great, I'm sure. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and then the addition of our little girl. I'm excited, nervous, stressed, and giddy about the day she'll come, but I know when she gets here it will be amazing.

So here's to another goal yet again to write and post on my blog...Wish me luck:)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Leaving the little man behind.....sniff.

So as established before my week has been super crazy and it's only just started. My sister has been watching Rhett for me while I work making gift baskets at Carol's Country Gifts, the cutest baskets ever. Usually I take him to her house, drop him off, run out the door while he is crying, and get a text five minutes later that he is playing and having the time of his life. Today was a little different though. They came to my house to pick him up on their way to Provo ( forgot they were watching him til they were on their way to the mall) and I was heading to Payson. He wasn't happy to see his car seat being put in the van and was stuck to me like glue as I was trying to buckle him in. Seriously the saddest thing ever! Maybe I'm just over emotional due to being prego, but I seriously cried as I turned around and walked back to my house hearing him screaming for me while they shut the van door and drove away. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. Of coarse five minutes later the text came that he was fine and another came from my mom at the mall saying he was drinking his root beer and having the time of his life. Went to work, got done, picked him up and he was all smiles, but really concerned when his car seat was missing when we opened the door. He freaked out a little bit when I oped the van to get it out, but when he realized it was putting it in our car everything was fine.... Fast forward to 7:00 tonight, when I had to go back to work.(I told you we are crazy busy) Carson came out to put the car seat in the truck so he could run some errands with the Rhetters. Of coarse he doesn't freak out over this because he LOVES to ride with dad in his truck, especially when he gets to look out the windows with the binos. As I was backing out of the driveway Rhett was standing by the curb waving his little fingers at me and yelling "see ya later" although to anyone else it would sound like jibberish. Then he blew me a kiss and my heart melted. As I was driving away I could see him in my rear view mirror still waving at me and the water works started again, only not quiet as bad this time. I love that little kid so freaking much I don't understand how anyone could willing leave their child behind for good. Carson and Rhett are my life! I love them more then anything else in this world, and I am so grateful the my Heavenly Father has blessed me with them in my life. I know that the little bean we have been blessed with will add that much more love in our life and our home and i'm so excited for that! NOTHING BEATS BEING WITH MY FAMILY!!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Carnivals, fireworks, parades....OH MY!

Last night we took Rhett to the Payson Onion days fireworks show. This has been a favorite of mine for years, and Rhett is really starting to enjoy them. First my favorite thing about the Payson fireworks: There is always good parking and so many people don't want to walk the extra block to get really close, leaving tons of room and an awesome view. They changed it this year and launched them from the practice field just north of the football stadium. At first our plans were to sit on the grass north of the jr high, but the lights on the side of the building were really annoying so we decided to try and get a little closer. We then made our way to the drivers ed range and peeked over the fence to see how crowded the stadium seats and football field were...not crowded at all. Heck why don't we just go in the stadium them?.... so we did and ended up about a hundred yards from the launch point. That is how fireworks are meant to be enjoyed. They were spectacular and Rhett LOVED it! We have vowed from now on that we will make the effort and the walk to get as close as possible, and welcome anyone who wants to join us to come along:)
Today we went to Ryan Turley's first birthday carnival party. Kari did an amazing job and once again Rhett was in heaven. So many fun games, food and treats! I loved to see Rhett actually get involved and play the plinko, and bean bag game:)
Monday we will be attending the parade and afterwords walking through the booths that are set up in the park. Then across the street to the car show. Oh how I love Onion Days:)

Friday, August 31, 2012

Oversheduled life....T-minus a week and half?

I don't know why I do this to myself, but it seems when I know a week will be busy I always end up making it even more crazy. I have been working a lot this week for CAROL'S COUNTRY GIFTS, if you don't know what this is check them out on facebook. Basically I get to make the cutest gift baskets ever and get paid to do it. Carol really is the greatest. We have been pretty busy with a couple of really big orders and the next week and a half is going to be the test. 140 baskets! WOW! Then because I'm too nice, or because my hubby's cousin does the best pictures around and I will do anything for free anything, I agree to "design" a booth for a bridal fair.... If It weren't for Marci I would be loosing my mind about now... So needless to say It will probably be a few days until I remember to post anything again. If it's too long, call me and make sure i'm not aimlessly wondering the streets talking to myself.  Crossing my fingers that everything works out and goes smoothly:)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Shots anyone?

Rhett's two year checkup went as follows:  Strip him down for the nurse, he freaks out and cries. Nurse measures his head (90 %), he freaks out and cries. Set him on the scale, he freaks out and cries. Check his height, he freaks out and cries. The nurse leaves, he sits on my lap cuddling with his blanket until he realizes it's "safe" to get down and play with the toys. The Doctor opens the door to come in but gets sidetracked by someone and walks away. Rhett runs to the door and shuts it, then runs to me and jumps in my lap and cuddles in his blanket. The Doctor came in talked to us, showed us Rhett's growth charts and everything is looking great. The Doctor checks Rhett's heart beat, Rhett freaks out and cries. Checks his eyes, he freaks out and cries. This continues while the Doctor checks his ears, legs, hips, and other varies things. Then he talked to us for a little while, in which Rhett calmed down but it still cuddled into me and holding on for dear life. The Doctor leaves and the nurse comes back in to give Rhett his shots. I stand up, still holding Rhett, and walk over to the table to lay him down. Rhett freaks out and wont let go. It's like he's stuck to me with super glue, I couldn't shake him. Finally I lay him down while bending over him and still "hugging" him. Needless to say his reactions to the shots were similar to everything else only quite a bit louder and a lot more tears. Back in our seat, Rhett still in my lap, the nurse leave the room and Rhett is still crying. I ask him, "Should we put on your clothes and go home?", he quickly responds, "Okay",and stops crying. He jumps down, gets dressed and walks out of the office without another tear. We went grocery shopping and picked him up some mini m&m's for his treat for having to be stabbed in the leg twice (which is what you would think happened to him for all the screaming). 
What a day. Glad it's over and that my little man has been happy as a clam since we got home. <3

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Loving our Sabbath...all of it.

Today has been a great Sunday so far. Church was awesome and I loved the kisses Rhett kept giving me on my nose all through sacarament meeting...the joys of a slobbery nose. Preston makes his return today and we are so excited to see him. It's been way too long. Also on the list for today is a little trip up to PG for my niece's birthday, can't turn down some free root beer floats, YUMMY!  Carson and I decided that it was getting to hard to get all of our nieces and nephews gifts so instead we are switching to giving them 5 dollars, I'm sending her on a treasure hunt for her money though so it will be a little more fun then just opening a card. 5 dollars in quarters is her prize at the end of the hunt. I hope she likes it.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lets see if we can do this blog thing again?...

WE HAVE A NEW BLOG.... mostly because i can't remember how to get to my old one:)
          Currently in the DEUEL house...
1. Rhett just turned two and is giving us a run for our money.
2. Carson is prepping for the hunting season with a general tag and a riffle elk tag.
3. I'm just trying to get through the first trimester with baby #2 waiting for October so i know weather it's Sawyer or Taytum in there....

Hopefully I will be better about blogging this time around, it would be nice to have some form of a journal with my thoughts and updates about what's going on in life:) here is a recent post from facebook that really made me consider doing a blog again, a memory I want to keep somewhere:)

Went to a great company summer party where Rhett was able to ride a horse for the first time, HE LOVED IT! Cried and cried when his turn was over. Then came home and realized my keys were missing (we had used the hubby's set to get there)......Started to freak out searching everywhere in the house without success:( My level headed hubby decided that we should have family prayer then and asked that
if Rhett took them he would be able to help us find them, and that if we miss placed them it would come to our minds.... I was sure Rhett had gotten them out of my purse and tucked them away where i would never find them, Negative Nancy is my name. As i was sitting at the bottom of the stairs calculating how much it would cost us to replace the electronic Mazda key a thought popped in my head, i ran to the garage and turned on the light and BEHOLD THERE WAS MY KEYS!!!!!! It wasn't Rhett who took them:) I'm just a nerd and set them down on the food storage bucket so i could do something else before i came in the house last night. I'm so thankful for little tiny answers to prayer... I know it doesn't seem like much, but it helps me to know that my Heavenly Father cares about the little things too:)