Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Leaving the little man behind.....sniff.

So as established before my week has been super crazy and it's only just started. My sister has been watching Rhett for me while I work making gift baskets at Carol's Country Gifts, the cutest baskets ever. Usually I take him to her house, drop him off, run out the door while he is crying, and get a text five minutes later that he is playing and having the time of his life. Today was a little different though. They came to my house to pick him up on their way to Provo ( forgot they were watching him til they were on their way to the mall) and I was heading to Payson. He wasn't happy to see his car seat being put in the van and was stuck to me like glue as I was trying to buckle him in. Seriously the saddest thing ever! Maybe I'm just over emotional due to being prego, but I seriously cried as I turned around and walked back to my house hearing him screaming for me while they shut the van door and drove away. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. Of coarse five minutes later the text came that he was fine and another came from my mom at the mall saying he was drinking his root beer and having the time of his life. Went to work, got done, picked him up and he was all smiles, but really concerned when his car seat was missing when we opened the door. He freaked out a little bit when I oped the van to get it out, but when he realized it was putting it in our car everything was fine.... Fast forward to 7:00 tonight, when I had to go back to work.(I told you we are crazy busy) Carson came out to put the car seat in the truck so he could run some errands with the Rhetters. Of coarse he doesn't freak out over this because he LOVES to ride with dad in his truck, especially when he gets to look out the windows with the binos. As I was backing out of the driveway Rhett was standing by the curb waving his little fingers at me and yelling "see ya later" although to anyone else it would sound like jibberish. Then he blew me a kiss and my heart melted. As I was driving away I could see him in my rear view mirror still waving at me and the water works started again, only not quiet as bad this time. I love that little kid so freaking much I don't understand how anyone could willing leave their child behind for good. Carson and Rhett are my life! I love them more then anything else in this world, and I am so grateful the my Heavenly Father has blessed me with them in my life. I know that the little bean we have been blessed with will add that much more love in our life and our home and i'm so excited for that! NOTHING BEATS BEING WITH MY FAMILY!!!!

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