Saturday, September 1, 2012

Carnivals, fireworks, parades....OH MY!

Last night we took Rhett to the Payson Onion days fireworks show. This has been a favorite of mine for years, and Rhett is really starting to enjoy them. First my favorite thing about the Payson fireworks: There is always good parking and so many people don't want to walk the extra block to get really close, leaving tons of room and an awesome view. They changed it this year and launched them from the practice field just north of the football stadium. At first our plans were to sit on the grass north of the jr high, but the lights on the side of the building were really annoying so we decided to try and get a little closer. We then made our way to the drivers ed range and peeked over the fence to see how crowded the stadium seats and football field were...not crowded at all. Heck why don't we just go in the stadium them?.... so we did and ended up about a hundred yards from the launch point. That is how fireworks are meant to be enjoyed. They were spectacular and Rhett LOVED it! We have vowed from now on that we will make the effort and the walk to get as close as possible, and welcome anyone who wants to join us to come along:)
Today we went to Ryan Turley's first birthday carnival party. Kari did an amazing job and once again Rhett was in heaven. So many fun games, food and treats! I loved to see Rhett actually get involved and play the plinko, and bean bag game:)
Monday we will be attending the parade and afterwords walking through the booths that are set up in the park. Then across the street to the car show. Oh how I love Onion Days:)

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