Monday, August 27, 2012

Shots anyone?

Rhett's two year checkup went as follows:  Strip him down for the nurse, he freaks out and cries. Nurse measures his head (90 %), he freaks out and cries. Set him on the scale, he freaks out and cries. Check his height, he freaks out and cries. The nurse leaves, he sits on my lap cuddling with his blanket until he realizes it's "safe" to get down and play with the toys. The Doctor opens the door to come in but gets sidetracked by someone and walks away. Rhett runs to the door and shuts it, then runs to me and jumps in my lap and cuddles in his blanket. The Doctor came in talked to us, showed us Rhett's growth charts and everything is looking great. The Doctor checks Rhett's heart beat, Rhett freaks out and cries. Checks his eyes, he freaks out and cries. This continues while the Doctor checks his ears, legs, hips, and other varies things. Then he talked to us for a little while, in which Rhett calmed down but it still cuddled into me and holding on for dear life. The Doctor leaves and the nurse comes back in to give Rhett his shots. I stand up, still holding Rhett, and walk over to the table to lay him down. Rhett freaks out and wont let go. It's like he's stuck to me with super glue, I couldn't shake him. Finally I lay him down while bending over him and still "hugging" him. Needless to say his reactions to the shots were similar to everything else only quite a bit louder and a lot more tears. Back in our seat, Rhett still in my lap, the nurse leave the room and Rhett is still crying. I ask him, "Should we put on your clothes and go home?", he quickly responds, "Okay",and stops crying. He jumps down, gets dressed and walks out of the office without another tear. We went grocery shopping and picked him up some mini m&m's for his treat for having to be stabbed in the leg twice (which is what you would think happened to him for all the screaming). 
What a day. Glad it's over and that my little man has been happy as a clam since we got home. <3


  1. Sounds familiar with my girl. Good to know she's not the only one to freak out at the doctors.

  2. They still cry even when they are 12, only they can talk about it for days and days before until you want to loose you mind!!! Annoying!! :)