Sunday, August 26, 2012

Loving our Sabbath...all of it.

Today has been a great Sunday so far. Church was awesome and I loved the kisses Rhett kept giving me on my nose all through sacarament meeting...the joys of a slobbery nose. Preston makes his return today and we are so excited to see him. It's been way too long. Also on the list for today is a little trip up to PG for my niece's birthday, can't turn down some free root beer floats, YUMMY!  Carson and I decided that it was getting to hard to get all of our nieces and nephews gifts so instead we are switching to giving them 5 dollars, I'm sending her on a treasure hunt for her money though so it will be a little more fun then just opening a card. 5 dollars in quarters is her prize at the end of the hunt. I hope she likes it.


1 comment:

  1. Allie went shopping with her five dollars this evening and bought a tangeled pez despenser and refill pez candies. So I say she loved her gift!